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Leadership at West Oaks Baptist Church


We at West Oaks Baptist Church seek to structure ourselves according to the scriptures. In the Bible we see that the church is to be led by men who have been gifted by the Holy Spirit and set aside by the church to shepherd, teach, and guide God’s people. The terms used by the Bible to describe these leaders are alternately ‘pastors’, ‘elders’, or ‘overseers’. While some churches try to distinguish between these terms we believe the Bible uses all of these terms to describe the same position. As such we are led by a group of elder/pastors who share the duties of teaching and leading this church.

Currently we have been blessed by God with two elders, Pastor Shawn Hobson and Pastor Joshua Loyd.


The Bible also teaches that the church is to set aside gifted men to assist the elders in their work of caring for God’s people. These men are called deacons (which means ‘servants’) and they are to help by caring for the physical needs of the church so that the elders may be freed up to concentrate on the spiritual needs of the church.

Currently we are praying for God’s provision of deacons.