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Before you Visit

If you are new to West Oaks then we want to welcome you! Let us tell you a little about what to expect when you come to visit.


Worship Service (10:00am)


We start off our time together with worship. Our time of gathered worship is the centerpiece of our life as a church body. Under the guidance of our pastors we come together for singing, prayer and reading of God's Word. One of our pastors then gives a sermon in which he helps us to understand a particular passage from the Bible and how it applies to us here and now. Central to all of the time of worship is the Gospel of Jesus Christ! (If you want to know what the Gospel is click here). During the service families sit together and we welcome children of all ages. We even have a part of the worship service when the pastor gives a short and appropriate sermon to all the children present to help them understand what is being taught. In addition, we have a nursing mothers room with a speaker set up so mothers with little ones can still hear the sermon if they need to step out during the service.

Fellowship Meal (12:00pm)


After our Worship Service ends we have a fellowship meal where we all enjoy lunch and fellowship. If you are a visitor we encourage you to stay and eat! All of our members bring food to share and there is always extra so please stay (visitors are not expected to bring food but you are welcome to if you would like). This is a fun and relaxed time when members of the church can catch up with one another and the church can start getting to know visitors. Please give us a chance to greet you and start getting to know you better!


Bible Study (1:30pm)

Following the fellowship meal we all gather together again for Bible study. This is taught by one of our Pastors and we will either study a particular passage of the Bible or we will study a topic and look throughout the Bible to see what God says about it. The setting is fairly informal and involves fellowship and coffee. Children from all ages are included in the study time. 


Check out this Q&A page to see if we can answer any more questions before your visit.