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WOBC Reading Challenge 2022

Looking for some good reading? Want to ground yourself in classic Christian theology? The Center for Baptist Renewal posted a reading challenge for last year that included some of the books I am currently reading or have wanted to read. If you haven't read these foundational works before (or even if you have), I would like to challenge you to read along with me this year. The list consists of 12 books--one for every month. Each book averages between 60 to 120 pages and should be relatively easy to digest. I plan on having zoom meetings (to be announced) for those interested in joining me to discuss the book. It will be pretty informal, and I do not plan on teaching the book but guiding discussion on it. What were your impressions of the book? Why is it theolgically important? etc. Although these men represent a variety of doctrinal beliefs (some of which we may disagree with), they each have contributed to our understanding of Christian orthodoxy and I believe a study of their works will be profitable.

There are many ways to access the works on this reading list. I will endeavor to post PDF versions so you can avoid any cost where possible. I will also link instructions to email the PDF's to your kindle as an option. For those who prefer to read physical books, I would be willing to print and coil bind hard copies.

Here is a link from the Center of Baptist Renewal showing the works that I plan to read through, a link to instructions for Kindle, and links to PDFs of the first few books.

Happy reading!

- Pastor Shawn


CBR website

Kindle PDF instructions


January: Irenaeus - The Demonstration of the apostolic preaching (c. 180)

February: Athanasius - On the incarnation (c. 319)

March: Gregory of Nazianzus - Five theolgical Orations (c. 381)

April: Augustine - Enchiridion (c. 420)

May: Cyril of Alexandria - On the unity of Christ (c. 444)

June: Anselm - Why God became a man (c. 1098)

July: Thomas Aquinas - Summa Theologiae (1265-1274)

August: Martin Luther - Large Catechism (1529)

September: John Calvin - Institutes of the Christian Religion, book II (1559)

October: Baptist Confession of Faith - 1689, orthodox creed and Keach's Catechism (1600s)

November: Herman Bavinck - Our Reasonable Faith (1921)

December: Karl Barth - Church Dogmatics (a selection) (1932-1967)