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An End to The Beginning!

We finished Genesis! It has been a wonderful and growing time as we have spent the past year-and-a-half preaching through the first book of the Bible. I hope you have all appreciated the beauty and applicability of God's Word. I hope you have also grown to see more and more how much the entire Bible is about Jesus Christ!

Through the course of Genesis we saw the wonders of God's creation, the horrible toll that sin has taken on all of us, and we found a growing awareness of the promise that God made to one day send a redeemer to save us from our sin. We will next be turning to see the final arrival of that redeemer who was born in the fullness of time. Sunday we will be starting our preaching series through the Gospel of Luke. I encourage you to start reading reading along at home as we embark through this most amazing account of Jesus' life and ministry. 

~Pastor Joshua