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A history of false teachers in the church

Posted onSeptember 2, 2018 | by: Joshua Loyd | 0 comments

John MacArthur has just started a new series of blogs on the false teaching coming in the form of “social justice” that I would highly recommend everyone read. Of note for our sermon tomorrow is this entry on the history of false teachers in the church that I think is very pertinent to our sermon series through Jude....Keep Reading

Spiritually dry or spiritually rich?

Posted onSeptember 11, 2014 | by: Shawn Hobson | 0 comments

Although I hope we all desire to live a life of deep spiritual joy, many of us know people who have gone through a time of spiritual dryness or have experienced that dryness ourselves. To some extent, spiritual ups and downs may be part of the Christian life, but could it be possible to avoid or at least minimize these spells of spiritual dryness?...Keep Reading