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Archives for September 2014

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Genesis - A Book of Beginnings

Pastor Joshua introduces the book of Genesis and sets a groundwork for how to approach and understand this often disputed book of the Bible. One of the guiding principles set forth is 'If God wrote it then God gets to interpret it!'...

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The Gospel and Doxology

In this sermon Pastor Joshua looks at the final verses of Romans and asks what Paul's conclusion is concerning the gospel. We are reminded that the gospel is necessary to save the lost and strengthen the saints. All this is ultimately for the glory of God....

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Spiritually dry or spiritually rich?

Although I hope we all desire to live a life of deep spiritual joy, many of us know people who have gone through a time of spiritual dryness or have experienced that dryness ourselves. To some extent, spiritual ups and downs may be part of the Christian life, but could it be possible to avoid or at least minimize these spells of spiritual dryness?...

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False Teachers

Pastor Shawn takes a careful look at Paul's warning to avoid false teachers and suggests how we can prepare ourselves to face the many false teachings prevalent in our day....

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A List of Names

In this sermon Pastor Shawn looks at chapter 16 of Romans and asks what we can learn from a list of names. It's more than you think!...

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