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Archives for November 2014

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The Salvation of the Sons of God

Who are the mysterious Sons of God from Genesis 6? What about the Nephilim? Could they possibly have any relevance to us today? Pastor Josh looks at this difficult passage and challenges us to see that even the most obscure parts of scripture are 'God-breathed' and profitable to the people of God!...

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What's in a List of Names?

In this sermon Pastor Josh looks at the genealogy recorded in Genesis 5. What we find is a testimony to the God who always keeps his promises....

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The Way of Seth

In this sermon Pastor Shawn looks at the way of Seth as it is contrasted with the way of Cain. Those who follow the way of Cain boast in themselves while the way of Seth is marked by those 'who call on the name of the Lord'....

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The Way of Cain

In this sermon Pastor Shawn looks at the fourth chapter of Genesis and the familiar story of Cain and Abel. Here we find the continuation of the war between the seed of the serpent and the seed of the woman....

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